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Catch a Glimpse of Pivotal Motor Racing Moments at Our Daytona Beach Hotel 

Find yourself surrounded by captivating original art and exhibits that showcase the fascinating history of motor racing, which has become an intrinsic part of Daytona's illustrious legacy. With rare collections of famous automobiles, historic photographs, and unique memorabilia, our lifestyle hotel in Daytona Beach, FL celebrates an unending quest for speed, making it a mecca for motorsports enthusiasts.  

The Daytona art and auto exhibition series

Memorable events, breathtaking art, and stunning machinery - the Daytona Art and Auto Exhibition Series highlights inspiring endeavors of the human spirit. Immerse yourself into the world of motor racing with a myriad of interactive, visual, and educational experiences.

The Grid

Discover exciting exhibitions of motorsports machinery on the second floor's main lobby. Our hotel is known for its rotating displays of famous automobiles, motorcycles, and trucks that represent pivotal moments in motor racing and the pursuit of speed.


Be spellbound as you explore our numerous exhibits of unique memorabilia that include antique instrumentation and incredible architectural elements. Check out our collection of coveted trophies that have ignited the passion for innovation.
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