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A Showcase of Speed - The Daytona Art & Auto Exhibition Series

Highlighting and celebrating the rich history of motor racing through a combination of compelling storytelling, memorable events, captivating art, plus unique memorabilia and machinery, The Daytona Hotel is a haven for motorsports aficionados. Each floor features original artwork derived from historic racing photos, capturing the essence of the different aspects of motor racing, with an emphasis on the automobiles, motorcycles, and crews that embody life in the fast lane. With interactive, visual, and educational exhibits that are sure to leave a lasting impression, we set the stage for distinctive experiences that cover the whole gamut from the obvious to the sublime.

Original Art at The Daytona Hotel

In the Lower Lobby, you'll find the stunning 32' x 11' Future 1933 - a modern interpretation of Sir Malcolm's Bluebird automobile which broke the land speed record on Daytona Beach. The Main Lobby is home to the 22' x 9'6" mural Motor Beach, an enthralling portrayal of the history and evolution of racing in Daytona. Each elevator lobby features a unique 22' x 10' mural embodying motion, pattern, and light. The Daytona also houses a plethora of original pieces commissioned especially for the hotel.
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