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Memorabilia and Architectural Elements at The Daytona

With numerous exhibits of extraordinary memorabilia, our Daytona Beach hotel gives rise to a host of distinctive experiences revolving around the rich heritage of speed and motor racing that defines this Florida destination. Creatively arranged displays of antique instrumentation form timeless art pieces, a bar-back of giant engine pistons accentuates the ambiance of the Blue Flame Bar, and a 24' rotating sculpture takes center stage in the lobby reception.

The Trophy Case

Behold the trophies that symbolize the spirit of innovation and the relentless pursuit of speed that enabled exceptional individuals to make history with their inspiring achievements.
AAA Stock Car Championship 1st Place Trophy - awarded to Frank Mundy, by the Contest Board of the NASCAR National Convertible 3rd Place Trophy - awarded to Joe Weatherly 1952
NASCAR Grand National 2nd Place Trophy - awarded to Buck Baker in 1955
Chilton Catalog and Directory including Replacement Parts Data - dated April 1927
Frega Racing Products Corp. Official Lap Timer
Daytona International Speedway Corporation 500 Mile NASCAR race ticket - dated Sunday, February 22, 1959 
Martinsville, VA Speedway 200 Mile NASCAR Stock Car Sweepstakes Convertible Division Trophy - dated back to October 28, 1956 
Daytona International Speedway "Daytona 500" 125 Mile - Qualifying Race Winner's Trophy- awarded in 1969
NASCAR Grand National 2nd Place Driver Trophy - awarded to Bobby Isaac in 1968
John Naughton Memorial Sportsmanship Award - awarded to Tiny Hund in 1963
1948 Rules and Specifications guide for National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing
NASCAR National Convertible 2nd Place Trophy - awarded to Joe Weatherly in 1957
8th Annual International Daytona Florida Beach Races Official Souvenir Program March 22-24 1910
Mechanix Illustrated Award Daytona Beach - 1958 American Manufactured Stock Car- Acceleration Tests
Sixth Annual Raleigh Sweepstakes - July 4, 1958
Daytona International Speedway Modified Sportsman 250 Mile Race 1964 winner - Tiny Lund
The Blue Bird Cloisonne
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